Meet The Tutors

At Northern Ireland Hospitality School, we take pride in showcasing our exceptional team of tutors, providing you with the chance to not only familiarise yourself with their expertise but also to put a face to the name. Our commitment to advancing education is reflected in our selection of tutors, each of whom is a seasoned industry expert with a wealth of practical experience.

What sets our tutors at NI Hospitality School apart is their ability to bring your learning to life by incorporating current examples of industry practice. This dynamic approach ensures that your education is not only comprehensive but also directly applicable to the rapidly evolving landscape of the hospitality industry.

Without further ado, let's introduce you to the mentors who will guide you on your educational journey. At NI Hospitality School, we believe in more than just providing knowledge; we're dedicated to fostering connections and experiences that will shape your path to success in the vibrant world of hospitality. Get ready to meet the faces behind your transformative learning experience!