South Eastern Regional College, as an FE College, is a primary delivery arm for government to ensure that the NI workforce has the skills to build a successful economy.  SERC has been driven by pioneers of education such as Cecil Webb. These entrepreneurs and innovators set us on course and we have done them proud. Over 100 years we have helped thousands to join the workforce and build the NI economy.  We have stayed true to our roots and remain the lifeblood of the local community and economy, and in doing so have become a top 30 UK College. We have built our reputation as a trusted and respected part of our local community by delivering an industry-focused curriculum.

Whilst we have been better known for providing training courses we have become renowned as an innovative partner for companies seeking to improve productivity and develop new markets or products. Services such as product prototyping and business improvement consultancy help companies, large and small, to achieve their ambitions.

As we look forward to 2030, our vision is that we will be recognised as an innovative and entrepreneurial world-class education provider. We believe that since the businesses and individuals we work with must compete globally, then so do we!